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Imagine your OTP having a long-awaited reunion after not seeing each other for several years.


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Imagine Bucky using Steve's shield as a sled in the winter


he wasn’t counting on how little traction it would have, and they picked a big hill to try it out -

"fuck fuck FUCK i FUCKED UP—"

luckily for the world, sam was recording; a vine consisting of just bucky whizzing through the screen yelling obscenities goes viral within hours. it’s tagged #hecallshimselfthewintersoldier, and steve doesn’t stop laughing about it for days.

*sirius black voice*: do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?

*remus lupin voice*: GO TO SLEEP SIRIUS

I WILL TAKE YOUR THRONE the tale of a queen’s descent into darkness; for the clever young girl who has always been underestimated; for the princess that learned a long time ago just what she is capable of.

"what is a queen without her king," you ask? unstoppable. vicious. elegant. prosperous. this is your throne, and you have come to conquer. [listen] [download]

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